Do Border Collies Shed?

Do Border Collies shed? Just seeing the question might have a few Border Collie Owners yelling at the screen: “Of course these dogs shed!” The real question is how much, and how can you handle it?

From the best deshedding tools to diet tips to bathing routines, we’ve got all the secrets to dealing with Border Collie shedding.

So, get ready to roll up your sleeves and become a Border Collie coat expert!


Do Border Collies Shed?


How much do Border Collies shed?

Border Collies were originally bred to be herding dogs in the United Kingdom. So it’s no surprise that they’ve got a coat to match the cold and wet climate of their homeland.

Border Collies have a thick double coat made up of a warm, downy under layer and a more weather-resistant outer layer. And, this outer layer comes in three varieties: rough, smooth or mixed.

Rough-coated Border Collies have a long outer coat with feathering around the ears and front legs. Smooth Border Collies sport a short, slick coat. And mixed, as you can guess, is somewhere in the middle.

So, which Border Collie coat is most prone to shedding? All three! Each coat type is typically considered to shed a moderate amount. They don’t shed as much as a German Shepherd, but they’ll shed more than a Poodle.


Why do Border Collies shed more at different times of year?

Like most dogs who were bred in a region with four seasons, the Border Collie sheds more at certain times of year. In preparation for summer and winter, they will “blow” their coat to make way for a more seasonally-appropriate one. This is also sometimes called moulting.

Coat blowing usually takes place for about two weeks in spring and fall, but it can be a longer process for some doggos. During this time, their coat may look a little lack-luster and stringy. That’s normal and should improve as they grow in their new coat.


Does desexing affect how much Border Collies shed?

Interestingly, yes! The changes in hormones that occur as a result of desexing can sometimes change the coat quality of long haired dogs, especially in females. This can sometimes lead to a thicker coat with slightly more shedding.

Before you decide not to desex your dog, however, remember that both intact and desexed Border Collies will shed! In many cases, the benefits of desexing outweigh the potential increase in shedding.


Should you be worried about how much your Border Collie sheds?

In double-coated breeds like this one, regular shedding is completely normal. But, there are a few circumstances when shedding could indicate a health problem. Here are a few indications that it’s time to talk to your vet about shedding:

  • Your dog’s shedding is accompanied by excessive itching, licking and scratching
  • Your dog’s fur is falling out in clumps or they have bald patches
  • Your dog is also vomiting and experiencing diarrhoea

These symptoms combined with excessive shedding could be a sign of allergies or a more serious medical issue. So, make sure to take your pup in for a vet consultation.


Do Border Collies shed less based on their diet?

When it comes to us humans, we’re all about learning how to make our hair healthier by eating Omega-3s like avocados and salmon. And as it turns out, our dog’s diet can also affect their coat quality.

A Border Collie on a vitamin-rich dog diet will have a shiny, healthy coat. With all-natural dog food rich in high quality proteins and dog-friendly veggies, you can be sure that their coat will look and feel amazing.

But, when it comes to the question of “how much do Border Collies shed?” can natural fats really have an effect? Yes! A dog with healthier skin and fur should experience less shedding. 


Do Border Collies shed more when stressed?

When stressed, most dogs react by shedding more than usual. And it can happen suddenly, for instance, on the way to the vet office or groomers. In fact, show dogs often shed excessively when they’re being judged in front of a large group of people. It’s a natural reaction to stress and should subside when your dog is feeling calm.

If your dog is shedding excessively over a period of time, and you think it might be stress-related, a dog trainer or your vet may be able to help diagnose the problem. In general, the following symptoms are also common in dog anxiety:

  • Restlessness and pacing
  • Excessive barking and whining
  • Urination in the house
  • Yawning
  • Drooling
  • Panting

These kinds of stress responses can be the result of moving into a new home, separation anxiety, the introduction of a new pet, and other changes in your dog’s life.

Making sure that your dog has regular exercise and mental stimulation is a good way to help your dog manage stress and release some pent-up energy. If your pupper is home for long hours, a local Pet Sitter can help!


How to deal with regular Border Collie shedding?

As a Border Collie Owner, you’ll want to know how to manage the shedding on a regular basis. Here are some helpful tips to keep the shedding under control:

  • Invest in the best tools. Border Collie Owners tend to have their own personal arsenal of grooming tools for their dog. The list may include a grooming rake or undercoat tool, as well as a slicker brush and comb to detangle the top coat. With these three grooming tools, you’ll be sure to get both layers of your Border Collie’s coat.
  • Regular brushing. Just as important as the tools you use is your grooming schedule. To ensure that the shedding doesn’t wind up on all your furniture, you’ll want to commit to a grooming session every couple of days or every day depending on your dog. It sounds like a big commitment, but the more frequently you brush this pup, the less time each session will take.
  • A seasonal bath. Border Collies are generally clean dogs who don’t need to be bathed more than once every three or four months. If you can, try to schedule their baths around when they go through their coat blow phase to help with the shedding.


Overall, do Border Collies shed? Yes, but it’s manageable!

Border Collies do shed, and even with tricks to lower shedding, the fur in your house, car, and clothes will never go away completely. But, these dogs aren’t the biggest shedders out there and with a healthy diet, exercise and regular grooming practice, it is absolutely manageable!

Are you a Border Collie Owner? How much do Border Collies shed in your experience?